A Simple Truth


As Americans we are incredibly lucky, unbelievably privileged, and most of us take it for granted. I know I sure do. As a woman I’m able to walk down the street and expect the same liberties and rights as my male counterparts, if not more, because I’m a lady and we’re taught as children to respect woman.

I grew up truly believing I could be whoever and do whatever I wanted as long as I worked hard enough. I could be a doctor. I could be a truck driver. I could open my own pizza joint or high fashion boutique. Heck, I could be the first female president if I set my mind to it. My future had infinite opportunity because I grew up in a peaceful society of prosperity and innovation. The American Dream.

I’ve been moved to write this close to midnight after I sat down and started reading a book. I haven’t put it down until now. The Girl Who Escaped ISIS is a riveting account of 19 year old Farida as she was torn from her family and captured by ISIS. Before she was captured, she lead a peaceful, humble life minding her own business aspiring to be a teacher. She lived in a village that had 3 grocery stores. When food ran out, it simply ran out. Her nightmare happened in 2014.

2014. That was only 4 years ago. I can acutely remember what I was doing as she hears the gunshots that murder her favorite brother and father. 4 years ago I was thinking I had it rough working 3 jobs living out of my tent because rent was too expensive to afford in Jackson, WY. While I was complaining about getting up at 5am to drive in to work, wash my face and brush my teeth in the employee bathroom, Farida was sitting in her own vomit clutching the hand of her friend in a pitch black room dreading who or what would come through the door.

I know this isn’t revolutionary. You may be reading this saying “Duh Becca, have you lived under a rock?” No. But we see photos of tragedies and atrocities, maybe a video, and go on with our normal lives because this is the paradise we live in. It’s all around us. We’re not surrounded by terror and horrific people every day. We live a very good life in a very privileged country.

And yet, how many times do we find ourselves complaining about little things every day? Complaining about the weather, the traffic, the president, the service at the restaurant, who looked at you distastefully, the Starbucks non-fat latte that isn’t the perfect temperature. My Dad uses a phrase quite a bit when I ask how he’s doing. He responds “I’m better than I deserve to be”. 

It’s pathetic what I used to complain about. I’m ashamed with my ignorance and what I’ve taken for grand. We are all so incredibly lucky in our own ways. No matter our position in life, there is always someone who has it worse than us. Way way way worse.

We can’t change the evil. We can’t change the cheats and the money mongrels and those who have no moral compass. Instead, we can advocate for the good in the world. Fight to the core for what you believe in. Don’t just share horrid news stories on Facebook.

Do good, be good. Be more than good. Be someone who takes a stand for it is better to stand for something than fall into the turbulent waters of hesitation and manipulation. Don’t be a bobble head, get on your feet and go do something. 

The Girl Who Escaped ISIS

Read and support Farida Khalaf. Buy her book on Amazon by clicking the photo above

41 thoughts on “A Simple Truth

  1. Very wise words. Each day is a gift even if one is getting a colonoscopy or a root canel. Too many in USA are only concerned about having a good supply of potato chips, video games and a dingy house to park their oversized bodies in and then blaming others for their pathetic existence.


  2. What a fantastic article, dear Becca. I fully agree with you. Will definitely add the book to my ‘must-read-list’ and going to share your post as a ‘must read’ for others!
    So happy you and Alex are still enjoying life to the fullest as much as possible.
    Big hug, XxX

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  3. Too many people seem to think that “liking” and sharing memes on facebook is activism. Words are powerful, but actions do more. DO good. ACT to support good. VOTE for good. Don’t just nod your head and agree that others are doing bad. Thanks.

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  4. I want to thank you for sharing this powerful reminder. To remember that suffering is inevitable, but doing my best to help others to suffer less. That needs to be my goal. To remember to think of others and what they have gone through. To open my eyes and heart to those in need around me. However, this does not mean, I need to move mountains to help. Simply,being there to truly listen to someone in need, is the least I can do. Sometimes, I focuse on my little annoyances and forget how blessed we are. Thank you again,for sharing. I will definetly look forward to reading this story of Farida.

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  5. I was scrolling down the discover part of the reader when I saw this post and decided to read it, very interesting article. We do all have a lot to be happy for and a lot to complain about. It is sad when you here about what happened to that girl and all the bad that is in the world today. There is a lot of evil in the world and even here in America, we just don’t see it up close. We do all need to remember that a bad day for us is not as bad as a bad day for others. We need to be thankful for all the good things we have in America that people in other country’s don’t.

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  6. Great advice as always. It’s far too easy to get stuck in our own bubbles, complaining about the little things that really don’t matter. We have so much to be grateful for. Thanks for sharing your wise words and for always standing up for what is right.

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  7. I really enjoyed this. In 2010 my mom took me to Bangladesh as a graduation present. I was so ungrateful but my perception changed once I walked out of the airport. There were infants, children, and adults all on the streets begging. Sometimes I feel guilty for complaining about the “little” that I have, when in reality it is more than some will ever have in their lifetime. I agree, no more being a bobble head but a voice for betterment.

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    1. What an incredible graduation gift! I’m sure you’ll remember those images in your mind for the rest of your life. We had a similar experience stepping off the plane in Peru (our first overseas trip together) and will never forget some of the scenes of poverty and injustice.


  8. Becca, you say we can’t change the evil. That may be, but when that evil destroys innocent lives by the thousands on sometimes a daily basis, and causes millions to leave everything and flee for their lives… going anywhere to simply stay alive -it is time to eliminate that evil! It’s simple as that. The German holocaust killed millions of Jews, simply because they were Jews. And we eliminated that evil! It can be done. We can’t just say there is nothing that we can do. As you say, we enjoy freedom and a life most people can’t even imagine in their dreams. Just remember, freedom ain’t free. Too many don’t have the freedom to simply get a good night’s sleep and then hit the trail again in the morning. Sorry to be the party-pooper, because I too love getting up and hitting the trail again… and again!

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    1. Mike, You are totally right. Thank you for broadening my mind. Sometimes it’s overwhelming to think of all the evil that goes on unchecked and ignored. What can little me do about it? It takes a lot of individual people bonding together and actually DOING something about it. We can talk until we’re blue in the face but that won’t change a thing until the action starts. Thanks for you comment, happy trails 🙂


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