The Best Hiking and Camping in MOAB, UTAH That No One Tells You About

The best hiking in Arches National Park Google Search will likely lead you to Delicate Arch. The parking lot for Delicate Arch has been packed to the gills since 9am.

Notice how the frame is cut on the bottom of the photograph? I did that because there were so many people.

The best hiking in Canyonlands National Park Google Search will lead you to Mesa Arch. Photographers have been jostling for tripod space at Mesa Arch since 4am trying to capture the perfect sunrise.

It’s discouraging to dream about a pristine, private landscape that has been photographed millions of times but you never see what’s behind the lens.

A good way to find solitude

We’re here to change that. In the beginning, we were against writing blog articles sharing our secret spots but there’s no fun in hoarding EVERYTHING. Some spots will always remain secret because we will never ever in a billion years write about them. Other spots just require a little bit more digging to find. Chances are if you’re reading this, you’re on the hunt to plan an epic vacation and we’re here to share with you the best of the best of one of my favorite locations.

Canyonlands National Park – One of our favorites!

The Best Hikes of Canyonlands National Park

  1. Gooseberry Trail to White Rim Road (5.4 miles) – Park at the White Rim Overlook and hike straight down into the canyon. You’ll see maybe one other hiking group if you’re lucky!
  2. Lathrop Canyon Trail (2-8 miles) – Stop at the Island in the Sky Visitor Center to ask where to park as it’s easy to miss. You’ll hike along a beautiful flat vista for a mile or two before descending into the canyon. Hike as long as you feel comfortable with and return the way you came.
  3. The Joint Trail and Chester Park (11 miles) – An incredible winter backpacking trip as temperatures are more mild and you won’t see another soul. You’ll be rewarded with sandstone needles, red rock vistas and narrow canyons. Can also be done in a day hike.
Catching the sunrise on the Devil’s Garden Loop

The Best Hikes of Arches National Park

  1. Devil’s Garden Primitive Trail (7.2 miles) – Park at Devil’s Garden Trailhead. Your path will lead you past countless arches, up and down slickrock, and will require route finding to get you back to your car. Stop at the Visitor Center for more information. This hike is relatively popular up until Double O Arch, start early and you’ll miss the crowds.
  2. If you must hike to Delicate Arch, begin at 5 am or plan for a sunset hike with a headlamp. You’ll encounter fewer crowds. In all honesty, there are many more spectacular arches that deserve attention too!
Negro Bill Canyon

The Best Dog-Friendly Hikes around Moab

  1. Corona Arch and Bowtie Arch (3 miles) – Park at the signed lot 10 miles down Potash Road. Hike up the hill and follow the cairns that lead along slick rock paths past Bowtie Arch and finally dead-ends at Corona Arch.
  2. Morning Glory Bridge via Negro Bill Canyon (4.5 miles) – Park 3 miles down Scenic Byway on the right hand side at the signed lot. Your hike will take you along a babbling creek (sometimes through it) deep into the canyon until you dead-end at Morning Glory Bridge. There is also a natural spring if you look closely on the left side of the arch!
  3. Mill Creek Swimming Hole (2 miles) – Park at the end of Powerhouse Lane from Downtown Moab. Hike the obvious trail for a mile until you reach a waterfall and swimming hole. Please be considerate of this area as it used to be well-kept, coveted local secret.
Fisher Towers Hike accessed from your tent door.

The best Camping outside Moab

  1. The TRUE BEST camping (in our opinion) is boondocking. No services, no neighbors, no fees. A little research and dirt road driving will get you where you need to go. To get started, call the Moab BLM Office at (435) 259-2100.
  2. The following established BLM campgrounds are top notch and offer outstanding views. Bring your own water and don’t expect to find hot showers, or even a cold shower 🙂 Or running water.
    1. Lower Onion Creek Campground
    2. Fisher Towers Campground
    3. Big Bend Campground


Happy Trails Everyone! 

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