On the Road with Sea to Summit


We’re stoked to be back on the dusty trail again in our trusty 1978 Toyota Chinook! After our winter work stint, we’ve saved our pennies for a road trip that will span the next 18 months roaming around our beautiful continent. Our focus for this trip is to REALLY get out there, far far far out there, to the most remote mountains and climbing we can find. This means more backpacking, more mountaineering, more hiking, more climbing. What better company to partner with for our next adventure than Sea to Summit!

Sea to Summit is a leading outdoor brand focused on creating innovative gear for the modern explorer. Their products are lightweight but quality is never compromised. In fact, each detail of their products are thought out with the end consumer in mind. For example, the Sea to Summit Rapid 26L Dry Pack transfers from our climbing pack to our 15 mile daypack to our “oh snap it’s raining, let’s put our camera away” pack to the puppy hauling pack. **See below**



We are so looking forward to what he next 18 months will hold for us, stay tuned for more photos and stories from the road!

15 thoughts on “On the Road with Sea to Summit

  1. Yes the S to S dry pack is just the right size for lots of things. I have one in my sea kayak right now. Great for stashing gear and perfect for a walk along the beach and headlands. Hope to see more of your wanderings soon….Cheers Ian…still paddling south

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  2. Welcome to the STS brand ambassador family! We’re thrilled to have you guys on board with us for the 2017 year, and can’t wait to see your journey unfold!

    Safe and happy travels,
    From the folks at Sea to Summit

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      1. Its fun enjoying each others adventures and continuing to build the dream. I’m sure we’re gonna bump into you two on our cross country escapades. We’ll know each other by the smiles from the miles.


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