Calling All Rad Chicks, We’re Giving Away a Free Adventure Worth Up To $2,000!

Calling all rad chicks!


I’m so beyond stoked to announce that I’ll be guiding for Explorer Chick in 2017! Explorer Chick is an active adventure travel company offering women-only, small group trips and workshops. We take trips to amazing places while empowering and encouraging each other in some of the most beautiful places on Earth. Explorer Chick runs trips all over the United States and the Dominican Republic ranging from backpacking workshops, adventure-packed glamping excursions, surf trips, backpacking trips, and so much more.
To make it even more exciting than it already is, we’re giving away a FREE TRIP UP TO $2,000! Our 2017 calendar will be announced at the Facebook Adventure Release Party. All you have to do to qualify for a free trip is click “Going” to the event and follow the easy instructions on the page. Click here for more details and quick registration! If you’re a dude reading this you can still win a free trip and transfer the golden ticket to your favorite chick!


I’m so excited to share some of my favorite areas across the west. The following pictures are just a preview of what’s to come!
















Did I convince you? I simply can’t wait for the 2017 calendar to launch! Again, to enter to win a free trip, make sure to join the Facebook event by clicking here!



Let’s explore somewhere cool together! 

25 thoughts on “Calling All Rad Chicks, We’re Giving Away a Free Adventure Worth Up To $2,000!

    1. Thank you Kristen! I’m so excited! Personally, I’ll be co-guiding the Western U.S. trips sharing some of my favorite spots there. There will still be trips to the Dominican Republic. The CEO of Explorer Chick, Nicki, will be leading trips there!

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