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We can assume that the majority of us go to bed with a full belly and wake up with breakfast on the table without trying too hard. Not many of us know what it’s like to fall asleep with a grumbling stomach because we didn’t have more than a bite or two for dinner..if that. World hunger is a problem that all of us know exists. We might choose to do something about it, we might not. Luckily there are people in this world who care about others in need and have the ability to help.

Before you stop reading thinking this is another depressing world hunger rant with nothing backing it up, just take a minute. This is simply an acknowledgement of an issue but we think you’re going to LOVE who we’re teaming up with to bring you a solution!

When we were in South America, the severity of world hunger hit us hard like a ton of bricks. We witnessed children thin as rails selling anything and everything on the streets trying to make a few cents. Of course, these children would normally be in school but Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs clearly proves that food is a main priority. Who cares about reading and math when you have an empty stomach? While hiking the Santa Cruz Trail in Peru, we came across a local boy about 6 years old. He asked if we had any food or something to draw with. At that point we would have given him our packs with everything in it if we could have.

In the United States, we have a plethora of food programs taking donations and “expired” food from restaurants&grocery stores. In many third world countries, there is none of that. Every single piece of food is used for one thing or another and never ever wasted. Alex and I knew we needed to do something to help after witnessing the severe poverty of those less fortunate. Needless to say, we were tipping well and doing what we could while in South America but that only goes so far. When we arrived home we began searching for a mission we believed in. Lo and behold, we came upon Rice Love.

Rice Love
Happy children helped by Rice Love. Photo credit: ricelove.org.

Rice Love is a company that repurposes rice bags from India into cool, stylish, environmentally friendly bags. Their moto is easy – Buy a Bag, Feed a Family. For every single item they sell, they donate 1 kilo of rice (2.2 lbs) to a family in need. With rice being a main staple to the diet in India and Nepal, this is incredibly helpful to those on the receiving end. The two founders of Rice Love, Corbin and Coney, personally go to India and Nepal to give to families in need. They teach local women to sew and then employ them to make the bags while providing clean and safe working conditions. Not only are they personally making a difference, you can literally see the difference you are making when you purchase a Rice Love Bag! Each bag comes with a tag that you can look up and see the family you helped. Helping doesn’t get much better than that!


Rice Love 2.jpg
Helping families, one bag at a time. Photo credit: ricelove.org


So what can we all do to help? Alex and I believe so strongly in the Rice Love mission that we are going to match 1 kilo of rice for every bag that is purchased by our readers! To make it even better, Rice Love is giving Roamwildandfree readers a 10% discount!

Helping is easy :

  1. Go to ricelove.org
  2. Pick out a bag!
  3. Upon checking out, use 10% off discount code “WILDANDFREE”. We will automatically match 1 kilo of rice for each purchase.
  4. You have changed the lives of families in need. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


Thank you for taking your time to check this mission out. Let’s keep this adventure moving in the right direction and pass on some life, food, and good vibes! -Becca & Alex

This post IS NOT sponsored. We believe in the Rice Love mission and are making this personal by matching rice donations THANKS TO YOU!  

Jackson loves resting his 4 little paws in our Rice Love Bag, maybe your pup will too!



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    In keeping with ACZ’s mission to BE THE CHANGE, this reblog from roamwildandfree offers an opportunity to make a difference, and double your results. Becca and Alex will MATCH your donation.
    Please give this serious consideration, and THANK YOU to you, and people like Becca & Alex.

    Seek peace,


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  2. Good job here, kids. This world desperately needs more people like you, the readers of this blog, and folks like the ones who run RiceLove.org. You can count on me, too.

    Generate The Wave.

    Seek peace,



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