California’s Eastern Sierra Mountains

California’s Sierra Mountains boast some of the most spectacular views we’ve seen in our travels. Snow covered peaks cut into piercing blue skies with rolling vistas below. Simply put, it’s paradise! We spent roughly 2-3 weeks exploring the rocks and mountains from Lone Pine, CA up to Mammoth Lakes, CA. A stretch of land only 100 miles long but there’s years worth of exploration we have yet to do here! We’ve compiled some of our favorite photos to bring some of the Eastern Sierra beauty to you.

Alabama Hills just outside Lone Pine, CA. 
Alex climbing the Shark’s Fin in Alabama Hills. 
Teaching our little Jackson how to climb!
We climb rock for breakfast!
Exploring Big Pine Lakes, CA.
Big Pine Lakes, CA.
Catching a morning hike in at Mosquito Flats TH. 
Needless to say, our hairless terrier was not fond of snow. 
Mosquito Flats TH. 
A gorgeous sunset along the Eastern Sierras. 
Mono Lake, CA. 
Ambling through the Mono Lake Tufa State Reserve. 
Mono Lake, CA. 
The Beautiful Sierras….

45 thoughts on “California’s Eastern Sierra Mountains

  1. The Sierra is my home and I love the many beautiful places it hosts. Thank you for your recent like and making me stumble across your blog. It is as if it speaks from my heart and although being new to your blog and the world of blogging, I’m already hooked and can’t wait to read more of your beautiful posts. Thank you for sharing…


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