Death Valley National Park in Photos

Dante’s View overlooking Badwater Basin

Death Valley National Park is that one gift at Christmas where you think you know what’s inside and then you open it to find out that it’s that one thing you NEVER thought you would even dream of getting! This is an incredible National Park of varying scenery with miles and miles of untouched land to explore.  Death Valley’s elevation ranges from -282 ft to over 11,000 ft boasting everything from arid mountains, picturesque basins and oasis’ teeming with life. In many cases, photos speak volumes over words so enjoy the photos of Death Valley folks!

Badwater Basin, the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere at -282 feet.
Mesquite Flats Sand Dunes
Open roads as far as the eye can see!
Devil’s Golf Course
Darwin Falls

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42 thoughts on “Death Valley National Park in Photos

  1. These photos are absolutely incredible! I’m about to be moving to the completely wrong end of California, and will be very busy with studies, but if I get a chance I’d love to head down to Death Valley while I’m in CA.


    1. Your moving to Cali Josh?! Dude yes that will be a HUGE upgrade from the midwest. Might be down there this fall when things get cold. Good luck brother! We see cat signs all the time and laugh like “oh I bet Josh would love this place…any Jag’s around?”

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha yea everyone here keeps acting like I’m dying or something, because they know I won’t be able to come back to Cleveland (if it survives the Trump party convention) once I get to Cali.

        I’m glad you mentioned cats! I’m actually going to be living in an area near Redwoods National Park where mountain lions are occasionally seen in town. How awesome is that?!


  2. Wow! The photos and the scenery are breath taking… This will definitely go to my (already too long) bucket list. Your blog seems interesting so I am going to follow 🙂


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