We Need Your Help!



Friends of Roamwildandfree, we need your help!! 


LifeProof is sending 2 lucky souls on an epic summer road trip making stops all over the country as sponsored LifeProof Ambassadors!! We know, we know.. this sounds too good to be true. IT’S NOT! The race is close and literally every single vote is one step closer. Here’s how you can help us out.

  1. Go to http://www.lifeproof.com/en-us/community.html
  2. Find the video that has the feature image that you see above and enjoy watching our quick 1.5 minute video.
  3. Click “VOTE”!
  4. You’re finished and we are forever thankful for you!


The outreach and stoke that we’ve experienced since launching Roamwildandfree has been incredible to say the least. We are eternally thankful and appreciative of every comment, like, share and read you give us! It makes sharing what we do so much sweeter!

37 thoughts on “We Need Your Help!

    1. Sweet deal egberstarr thank you!! Yeah that was an interesting day..we turned around and that burro was just about in the tent with us it was so curious. By the way if you want to you can vote every 24hrs until March 9th!! We are going to win this so help us! hahah

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