The Sounds Of Silence

I am going to start this off sounding like a child but it is really how I feel about it. I don’t want to hear anything. Nothing. Nothing but the small critters rustling up their morning breakfast and a cool breeze ruffling the leaves as I wake up in our little tent somewhere in the mountains. I have been living in a suburb as well as working on a construction site for the last few months and it has really got me longing for the softer sounds of life. More importantly, it has brought me a new appreciation for Nature’s perfection.

A lot of us live in the cities or suburbs, and with that comes a plethora of noises. Cars, trains, buses, airplanes, construction, neighbors, music, what have you. We also have the undercurrent of electricity’s white noise constantly flowing through our homes, devices, and places of work. With that being said, there is hardly a quiet moment of the day anymore in this modern society. With all these distractions where does that leave us time to think? I don’t mean fleeting thoughts of what should be done tomorrow. I mean those hours that need to be spent contemplating the path of life and where we are need to go today. Most of us adapt to this constant sound intake but what is behind these man made sounds? Tension. The majority of the sound frequencies we intake on a daily basis when living in an urban environment are simply not natural. They may be necessary to continue life in such a place but it does not change that fact that we end up being surrounded by continuous, unnatural noise. It’s like being trapped in a noise bubble. DSCN0952

I feel like I have been in a constant state of disruption, which is a bit unsettling to say the least. But these conclusions I came to also solidify my resolve to live a good distance from all this craziness for as much of my life as possible! What I really love about getting away from it all is the peace that comes from a unpopulated place. The sounds I hear when I am tucked high up on a mountain are real, quiet, and alive. Emotions can roll in and fade out without any interference. There is real, precious time away from all the action to sit down and think about whatever you need to. Ponder a lot or a little, it does not matter when your are free to think. -Alex

77 thoughts on “The Sounds Of Silence

  1. Ahhh…sounds amazingly relaxing! I see God in nature and it just does something to take a break from life and breathe it in! I get my peace and serenity in small doses on my porch swing early in the morning or late in the evening as I can. Thanks for stopping in to my little blog saltvault and liking my post on fasting today! Your blog is absolutely stunning and I feel much more grounded by the little visit I’ve had. Planning to make several escapes to read of your adventures soon!


      1. Yes, for sure! Technology is great, and we can take advantage of it in a lot of ways but when it is replacing our reality and taking every second away from REAL life, there is a problem. Thanks guys, appreciate it!

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  2. I agree, it’s hard to get some silent moment nowadays. I bet nature is the only place to find it again. That picture definitely symbolise the silence you are referring to. It makes me feel like I need that too, right now!

    I was in Koh Samui Thailand recently just for a short vacation. so I headed to beach to relax. Well, it was nice, but I can’t stand other tourists just can’t keep their mouths shut and enjoy the beach. They need to keep talking even though the topic can wait for a later time (not the cancer cure break through kind of conversations).

    Nice post…

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    1. I feel you! Nature truly is the only place to find real silence. Even in a quiet home with no one else around there’s still the ac/heat running, electrical nice, cars driving past.. etc. Happy travels from us to you! Hope you can find some true solace somewhere soon.

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  3. I very much understand. I live in a college town right on college lane and long to move to Iceland or anywhere that holds the simplicity of sounds. I tried to sleep in my hammock last night and was disrupted by dogs and car sounds too often to drift off into peace. Might I join you 😉

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